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Gisela Menjivar

As an immigrant at the age of 7 from Ecuador S.A., she always knew a life with purpose is worth jumping over any adversity and building her "American Dream". At an early age, the world of business fascinated her. Enterpreneurship was always her goal so in 1999 she started her own real estate company with her husband Oscar. Focus in the mortgage lending, she helped many families obtain homeownership. 

After years of success, discovered a great need for financial education. She was inspired and became a financial agent in 2004, guiding and serving families through financial awareness and planning. 

No Family Left Behind is an objective dear to her heart. This has become her profession as a financial mentor and agent. Through education, leadership, entrepreneurship, we can create Roaring Futures. Through this a legacy can be given to the next generation which she inspires every day to receive financial education. 

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