Team Roar

“We help create a Roaring Future for all!!”

We are teamROAR. Our mission is to help empower our community through financial awareness, learning, and professional assistance. Our licensed professionals are members of the Impact Leadership Network (ILN), a national firm with a network of licensed financial agents assisting families with all financial services. Our team involves itself in the community.


We are always looking for collaborations to help support others improve their lives. We are here to create a legacy and change lives one contact, one seminar, one meet-up at a time. Become part of this great wealth wave movement with teamROAR. (check out the video below). 

Alejandra Sandoval
Licensed in California

My name is Alejandra Cristina Sandoval. A soon to receive a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management from Cal State University, Northridge. I discovered #teamROAR through an internship program at CSUN. I was a student with dreams of creating a legacy for myself and my family. Through the internship program, I realized there was more to finance than what school had prepared me for. I have now been properly educated with financial literacy and continue to learn. With the overall mission to help both families and communities in creating generational wealth as well as promoting financial freedom, I see myself promoting financial education for many more years to come. #teamROAR

Alexis Simentales
Licensed in California, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, New York, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Oregon

I am a 23 year old business woman whose mission is to make a positive financial impact in the lives of our community. With a Bachelors in Financial Planning, my wish is to remind individuals of all ages that they can achieve their financial dreams and goals, it’s never too late. Within the next year I am expected to open two new offices, as well as managing a team of over 20 licensed professionals.  #teamROAR

Annie Guevara
Licensed in California, Louisiana and Colorado

My name is Annie Guevara. I am a Salvadoran immigrant who left everything behind with the purpose of starting a new chapter in life,  pursuing my dreams, and providing my family all that they deserve. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology, more than 6 years of experience working in the financial industry, and I'm specialized in financial coaching. I decided to be part of this business because of the great leadership platform that we offer and also the opportunity to learn in depth how the financial industry works in this country and the different tools that we can provide to really help our community to reach financial freedom. I have a genuine passion for helping others improve their lives, and a huge obsession of leading by example in the hispanic community. I love motivating, educating and helping my hispanic immigrants reach their american dream and leave a legacy to their future generations. I am sure all this can be performed through this amazing firm and organization. #teamROAR

AranZazu Tapia
Licensed in California

My name is Aranzazu Tapia and I am a first generation Latina. I am working on my growth in personal development and career path. By joining this business I will be fulfilling my prophecy by being of service to others and raising awareness on the importance of financial literacy. My hope is to help as many individuals and families invest in themselves and create a path to financial freedom. #teamROAR

Jeannie Medina
Licensed in California

Hello, my name is Jeannie Medina. I was an auto insurance claims adjuster and art history student. Having devoted so much time and loyalty to different companies throughout my career, I found myself being indispensable too many times whether it was a company merger, a recession, poor company financials and most recently a pandemic recession. I found this company and  through it’s mentorship I was able to gain meaning, passion, purpose, and grow as an individual and financially. Becoming a financial literacy advocate and coach allowed me the ability to never have to depend on someone else for my next check or have to ask for permission to take a day off. More importantly it allows me the ability to help others not have to  depend on anyone else for their financial well being. Today I have clarity and certainty that I can achieve my goals, and I have the knowledge and resources to help others achieve their financial goals as well.  We have the most amazing backing, representing the largest financial  companies in the world, but what drives me is our mission, "no family left behind".  #teamROAR

Karen Elizabeth Isch

Hello, I am Elizabeth Isch. I am 22 years old and I love to help others. I worked for a third party DMV representation company as a payroll administrator and am in pursuit of a degree in Business and Public Health. I have always had a strong desire to learn about healing people from their pain. I understand that a person’s finances play a huge role  and impact on their overall health. I would like to help by guiding people to a better path to improve their life. I strongly believe that by becoming financially free you will worry less and have more to look forward to in life. As a young woman having the opportunity to own my own business has always been a goal. I have faced doubt in others who have questioned me based on solely my age. My goal is to abolish that stereotype, by making a difference here and now. #teamROAR

Laura Monge
Licensed in California

Hello, I am Laura Monge, an entrepreneur and a single mother of five children. I’ve been a business owner of Monge’s Services for about 10 years. I prepare legal documents for our community, everything from conservatorships, immigration, living trust, wills and now expanding into financial services. I went back to school to provide my family with financial freedom and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from California State University Northridge. I am very excited about this new venture because of the potential income earnings, plus the dedicated mentorship of this firm is priceless. It is such a privilege to be part of this organization and how we are like family! My greatest hope is to grow my own agency team and encourage minorities to excel in this industry. #teamROAR

Lisa Jensen
Licensed in California, Washington, Utah, and Oklahoma

I am Lisa Jensen, mother of 2 kids, adventure seeker and a love and background for Real Estate.  I was hungry for financial education, as I was drowning in debt and not sure what I was spending money on and wondered why I never had any left over.   I started myself with the envelope system after reading the "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey.  Then I found amazing people that were educating people on Finances.  I jumped in with both feet and I plan to share knowledge of financial basics with 300 families by the end of 2025. Our youth deserve a better future.  #teamROAR

Sabrina DOYLE

Hello, I am Sabrina Doyle, a student for life and ambitious individual who wants to help people

have better lives. I graduated from California State University Channel Islands with my

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and History. I decided to dive into the financial field to help

people like myself who aren’t as knowledgeable on finance, understand the world of finance

better. I see myself becoming an advocate for young people and minority groups who don’t

understand financials. I hope to teach seminars where I give people advice on what they can do

and how to better prepare them for their financial goals. #teamROAR

Wilson Menjivar
Licensed in California, Ohio and Maryland

My name is Wilson Menjivar. I am a retired veteran from the U.S. Navy Sailor. After proudly serving my country for 20 years, I continue to serve as a financial educator and financial literacy advocate. I am reliable, dependable, and both a team player & leader. I am on a mission to educate individuals and families and equip them with the knowledge to take control of their finances. I work with people to strategically set up their financial futures for success. #teamROAR



Hello, my name is Pablo Ochoa , I am 22 years old and I’m from Bakersfield, CA. Being raised in the San Fernando Valley by Mexican immigrant parents, with 3 younger brothers in a 1 bedroom apartment allowed me to see and realize how every penny counted . I never liked to feel like a financial burden for  my parents. Instead by high school senior year I was working in a Chinese restaurant  right after school to pay for my senior prom and activities . Now by being a part of WFG, I’m excited to see what the future holds. I’m ready  to not be a financial burden and instead be a financial hero. I want to be able to say that I got my entire generation (Gen Z) to retire by age 60. My goal is to have Generation Z live their later years in life worry and risk free #teamROAR


Fred Blattner has been a teacher and pastor for 40 years. He has been working to enrich the lives of his students and their families both in the public school classroom and as part of his faith community. Although he is retired from full time classroom teaching he will continue to help young people and families through financial education and through connecting them with the financial products, services and opportunities to identify and meet their financial goals. #teamROAR

Daniel Sandoval​

Hello, my name is Daniel Sandoval. As a recent graduate of California State University, Northridge in Financial Analysis, I look at being a part of #teamROAR as an opportunity to make a difference in many families and in my life. Being a first-generation student, I can see first-hand what the lack of financial literacy can do to a family. Being a part of our firm has shown me the significance of financial freedom and literacy, now I vow myself to help educate families and help them achieve their financial goals and dreams. The goal is to create financial awareness in as many families as possible. Being part of this team allows me to be in control of my future, with hard work and dedication we will make a difference. #teamROAR

Anthony Gonzalez

Hi my name is Anthony Gonzalez.

I was born and raised in Southern California and will graduate from California State University, Northridge in spring of 2022. I am a business management major and chose this field because after managing a retail store for a couple of years, I knew I thrived on working with others and having everyone work towards one goal. In my free time I love to go snowboarding and going to baseball games. I’m with this firm because this company gives me an outlet to help my family, friends, and their friends with financial literacy, while building a team and empowering others. My vision in this company is to have my own brokerage and have partners all over the world, so that we can help families in every nation, so that no family goes without our financial guidance.

Kang Moua​

Greetings! My name is Kang Moua. I am 20 years old, and am one of the many first generation college students of Hmong immigrant parents. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy. With the belief of being self-sufficient and having a passion for helping others, it is not only important to be independent in our daily lives and activities, but also financially. Due to the lack of financial literacy in my community, I hope to bring financial awareness and education to my community, individuals, and families, and help families and individuals acquire financial freedom. Through this firm, its mentorship, and its mission of “no family left behind,” I will be able to bring financial literacy to my community, individuals, and families. #teamROAR

Alma Figueroa

My name is Alma Figueroa, I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I have received my bachelors in biology and have since come across the opportunity of being part of this magnificent team. I am the daughter of two wonderful and hardworking immigrant parents who have shown me the importance of family, education and compassion. With these values in mind, my goal is to help individuals from all walks of life by educating them in finance. I have goals and dreams that I can see are possible through financial planning and I hope that I can help others make their dreams a reality. My hope is to help individuals find the freedom to be themselves in all aspects of their lives by helping them create financial well-being. #teamROAR

DEstiny Manns

Hello, my name is Destiny Manns, I am a student at Virginia Commonwealth university, studying sociology on the pre-law track. I am the Co-founder of kidz2kidz Coaching, a self development program that teaches kids core life skills such as self discipline, communications, finances, etc.

Before joining Roaring future, I was a student  just trying to figure out how  I was going to afford my classes and also had a huge fear and uncertainty of my future. As a life coach I was able to take a deep look at the different parts of my life and soon realized, I needed to get my financial life in order. After having the pleasure of talking to Gisela and hearing her vision for a roaring future, I was inspired to  bring that vision of teaching the future generation of kids financial literacy, so when they become young adults as well they are confident and smart in their financial decisions.

Flor elizabeth Salgado

Hello, My name is Flor Elizabeth Salgado. My background is retail management with a Bachelors in Merchandising and Design. I am stepping out of my comfort zone to educate myself and bring financial awareness to my family and community. I decided to be a part of this business because of the self-development, leadership and financial education WFG offers. I want to be a part of an organization that will make a difference in people's lives by providing financial literacy, resources and a life plan designed to meet their needs. 

Verjik Minassians
Licensed in California

My name is Verjik Minassians.  As a financial professional, helps individuals, families and businesses create a sturdy foundation to build and protect their wealth, retire with peace of mind, and have a succession plan for their business.  I have a strong background in personal/commercial insurance and financial planning that goes back to 1990. Her expansive knowledge covers a wide range of insurance and financial areas, including Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, Fixed Annuities, Long-term care insurance, college funding, and rolling over 401K’s into various retirement plans.  I am fluent in English, Armenian and Persian, allowing myself to clearly explain the latest changes and product solutions to a wide span of clients.   My goal is to provide clients with financial security so they can live their “happily ever after” and secure the future for their loved ones. Whether that is maximizing savings, providing streams of income, or reducing the tax burden, I have solutions that allow my clients to easily transition into the next stage of life.

Alissa Sifuentes

I am Alissa Sifuentes. I am 18 years old, and a first-generation High School Graduate. My

whole life growing up my Family always told me to want better for myself and live a better life

than they did, to set a great example for my two little sisters, but at the same time I've never had the example of what a successful person should be. Fortunately I w as able to figure out what success means to me regardless of the situations I grew up in. Somehow I always knew I

wanted to be my own boss but I just wasn’t too sure on how I was going to get there. I always

had an entrepreneurial mindset, I knew I wanted to have full control, a flexible schedule, and be financially free. The moment I found out WFG provided financial education, an extra source of income, and entrepreneurial opportunities I instantly felt I found what I truly needed to get

started on my life long journey. My future consists of sharing financial education with many

families, and helping them build ownership of their business. The more families I help the more successful I'll be. I just know as long as I put in the time, this firm and leadership will have a drastic impact on my life and where it takes me next.

Johnathan Flores-Garcia

My name is Jonathan Flores-Garcia, I am 18 years old and I am from Goleta California. Currently, I am pursuing a four-year degree in business administration as a first-generation college student. Throughout my life, I knew I had a strong passion for helping others and it is the reason why I mentor at my local high school. When introduced to the opportunity of guiding others to financial freedom, I knew I had to take it. I know I will live happily alongside my values if I follow this road and make an impact on others. I grew up in a low-income family with four brothers and two Hispanic parents. Financial literacy has been a major obstacle in our life, but I am going to make sure that financial literacy is no one's obstacle. #TeamRoar.

Carly Phillips

I am a 19 year older entrepreneur on a mission to spread financial literacy into our communities. Making the choice to advocate for financial awareness and education is by far one of the best decisions of my life, I have a burning passion to help others in need. You ask and I’m there! I believe that with the proper knowledge and protection, anyone will realize that their dream life is a lot close than they think. My position in Team ROAR allows me to help families create and protect their generational wealth, financial freedom and ability to live life the way they want! My work here is only the beginning. Our impact will change THOUSANDS of lives plus more. #TeamROAR 

Tabassum Ullah

Hello! My name is Tabassum Ullah or you can call me Tabby. I am 19-years old, born and raised in Queens, New York. Currently, I’m attending CUNY- Baruch College pursuing a degree in Marketing Management. I am a first-generation college student of immigrant Bengali parents. I’ve had a crazy amount of responsibilities to take on growing up, and still do, especially since being the oldest of three is like a third parent. It’s been a long battle between my family and me to gain that independence. I felt stuck because I was obligated to only take care of my family first, instead of myself, which may come off as selfish but, I think it's crucial for growth to occur once you’re able to freely make your decisions and manage your own life.

However, some perks that come with this role are that I’ve grown this business-minded perspective and find it more comfortable to adjust to the leadership position. This wonderful firm was introduced to me by a good friend of mine, Kazi. I am committed to staying at this company because it offers me the financial independence I need. Once I’m able to educate myself I can then spread that knowledge to my family, my community, and the younger generations as well. I feel it’s important that the younger you are, the more advantages you have to learn valuable knowledge and cause greater positive impacts on the world.