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Nadia Menjivar has Stage 5 Kidney Disease and she is in urgent need for a kidney donor. If you are interested in being her donor please visit is a health history questionnaire to determine if you may qualify to be her donor. 

It will ask you for the date of birth belonging to the recipient you wish to donate to.


Nadia's date of birth is July 13, 2001 or 07/13/01

If you'd like to help us on our search for a kidney donor, please feel free to share Nadia's story on your socials, talk about her with your friends and peers, and share resources about live kidney donation. We are also posting about her journey on instagram here  and on facebook.

Thank you for all your love and support. 

"If we are to live, then make it worthwhile. I will."
-Nadia Menjivar

We want to thank Kidney Quest Foundation and its founder Carolyn Urquidez for the support they are giving Nadia in her search for a kidney donor.


Please follow her journey @prayfornadia on her Facebook page and Instagram.

Several outlets have reached out to spread and publish Nadia's story and publicize her kidney donor search. Here are a few places you can read more about her:

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