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ILN Agency is here with a singular mission – to stand by you during life's toughest choices. As your trusted advisor and partner, we ensure your financial matters are streamlined and well-maintained, giving you the freedom to embrace your ideal life.
With ILN, we recognize that vigilant financial management is the cornerstone of enduring achievement. Our seasoned financial professionals and dedicated support team are steadfast in delivering unparalleled assistance and proficiency. We're devoted to guiding you through informed choices, empowering you to master your financial destiny. With a national presence working through a network of licensed agents, ILN agency can offer the most diverified financial assistance for all types of clientele. 

Navigate Life with Confidence

Empower Growth

Our team at IMPACT is reinventing what it means to be a PROFESSIONAL IN OUR INDUSTRY.

ILN Leadership is expanding nationwide, actively seeking candidates who value quality work and teamwork.


OUR WORLD-CLASS TRAINING and mentorship are our top priority.


OUR WELCOMING CULTURE promotes personal growth and leadership development.


OUR COMPETITIVE COMPENSATION raises the bar, providing opportunities for qualified candidates to develop a rewarding, long-term career in financial services

Money Discovery

At Impact Leadership Network, we're more than just a financial company – we're a community-driven force for change. Our mission is to create a positive impact through leadership relating to the financial decisions that matter most.

At some point, many of us realize the importance of planning the hard way. Building toward financial freedom can be daunting, and too often, hard work isn’t being met with smart financial choices.

Now is the perfect moment to experience the MONEY DISCOVERY process. The journey begins with a simple conversation about your financial goals.

Helping through Teaching and Empowering

With an alarming lack of education about financial fundamentals, people need the tools and guidance to help them make informed choices to meet today’s challenges. There’s no doubt that families of all incomes can benefit from preparing for the expected and the unexpected.

What We

Gisela C. Menjivar


Senior Partner

Licensed Financial Professional

Director of Expansion &


ILN Agency

Impact LeadershipNetwork

5000 Parkway Calabasas, STE 202

Calabasas, CA 91302

Cell:  818-261-4807


Licensd since 2004

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Helping to take you to a roaring future 

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